Selling Your Company

We're a Marsden Company!

What does it mean to be a Marsden company? Well, it means that we are part of one of America’s largest privately-held commercial cleaning and security firms. Supporting 25 distinct brands under one umbrella is unique in our industry. But we think it is a better way to serve our thousands of clients.

National Scope

Our approach to providing nationwide coverage is different than our competitors. We have 25 wholly-owned operating companies that employ 10,500 people, covering 46 states, which everyday help American businesses, schools, and government entities keep 300 million square feet clean, cool, calibrated, and safe. While each company is deeply rooted in their hometowns, together we are a coast-to-coast powerhouse, ready to handle any need, big or small. That’s the Mardsen Way.

Local Dedication

We self-perform an astonishing 97% of our business. When we bring new companies into our family we keep their local offices and maintain human resources and recruiting in the community, which allows us to invest in our clients – by really being there. We believe our clients want the hometown team, but also want deep and meaningful support from a sophisticated partner.

Great Resources

One of the benefits of being a part of a firm like Marsden is that we can share resources from all of companies, producing exciting new content. You can listen to our new Building Intelligence Podcast©, find a library of white papers, and follow our blog. All of it is available at our brand new website at And check out our new social media presence!
Tom C. Kruse, Chief Engagement Officer and President of Mergers and Acquisitions

Tom C. Kruse, Chief Engagement Officer and President of Mergers and Acquisitions

Marsden Services is a true American success story. Started in 1952 by Adrian “Skip” Marsden, today we are one of America’s largest privately held building solution providers, with 10,000 employees operating in 46 states.

Skip Marsden was born in Stewart, MN in 1928 and he grew up in St. Paul, MN. He served in the Merchant Marines in the early 1940s. He was only 23, and working at a local church as a janitor, when he got the idea to start his own company. He borrowed $125 and convinced a supplier to give him a line of credit and soon starting working out of the back of his station wagon.

He was a founding member of the Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI) and served as president and a board member throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Beginning in 2002 Marsden began strategically acquiring building maintenance and security companies in select markets across the U.S. Here are our most recent acquisitions:

Aztec Facility Services —— Houston, TX
HBS National Houston, TX
Heartland Corporate Security Minneapolis, MN
Crystal Clean Duluth, MN
Sunstate Mechanical Phoenix, AZ
Leones Building Maintenance Anoka, MN
Red Carpet Janitorial Cincinnati, OH
Nord Commercial Cleaning Bloomington, IL

Since 2002 the firm has successfully transacted 35 acquisitions, totaling over $200 million in annual revenue.

We see ourselves as a unique solution for owners of building maintenance and security companies that are looking to monetize their life’s work. We have the experience, infrastructure, and expertise to craft personalized exit strategies. We’re not brokers – you’ll meet our executives at the first meeting.

The facility services and contract security industries are under pressure today as large public firms are attempting to roll-up the industry. Often these firms will strip out all local costs and rebrand immediately, effectively discarding the culture that made it successful. We take a different approach.

At Marsden we feel that your local brand is invaluable. We believe in keeping your established presence in the markets you service. This is evidenced by our tremendously successful operation of 23 distinct brands – with a creative marketing strategy that allows customers to see the value of The Marsden Way.

We realize we are buying culture, management talent, and relationships built over many years of hard work. Sellers and key staff often stay with our organization, continuing their professional growth.

We recognize that selling your company is most likely the largest transaction of your life. Be assured that we treat the process with the respect you deserve – unlike most buyers we know what it’s like to go through such a deal. Our Leadership Council includes five former owners.

We will be forthright and honest in our dealings, right through the entire transaction. You can count on us to recognize if a deal is not right, for either of us.

I sold my company to Marsden over a decade ago. I would enjoy sharing my story with you.

You can confidentially contact me at or 480-212-6053.

Thomas Kruse
Chief Engagement Officer and President of Mergers and Acquisitions
Marsden Holding, LLC